Stronger Content = Better Results.

For your communications and marketing efforts to be truly effective, they must be grounded in strategy. We help people and businesses design content plans that support their larger goals. From there, we create and execute messaging that’s clear, compelling, and engaging. Most often, our work entails some combination of generating a strategy customised to help my client meet their goals, providing editorial support and candid feedback, and acting as a point of contact for other team members or communication professionals. We consult on overall branding, strategic messaging, editorial strategy, communications, public relations, digital content tools and SEO.


• Writing or editing of articles for various media outlets (print / blog / online)
• Adapting of content into infographics, videos, pdf leaflets, etc.
• Distribution of releases and articles to the media
• Writing and editing of press releases and emergency statements
• Advice on dealing with media and social media complaints or crises
• Pitching of stories to print journalists, editors and radio or television producers
• Arranging of press interviews, radio interviews, television appearances
• Recording and producing of podcasts and podcast series


We write, design and implement content for all types of marketing collateral, from brochures and giveaways, to banners and information booklets. With your target audience in mind, we strive to ensure that the product message is communicated clearly and effectively.

• Brochure and leaflet design, editing and publishing
• Management, editing, writing and publishing of white papers, books, magazines
• Copy writing for print advertisements and marketing campaigns
• Script writing for videos / podcasts / speeches
• Copy writing for events, banners and marketing collateral
• Writing of profiles and bios for professionals and for companies
• PowerPoint presentation design and copy editing